WordPress User Registration Aide Force & Add New User Fields on Registration Form

WordPress Force Custom Fields User Registration Form Aide

WordPress User Registration Aide Force & Add New User Fields on Registration Form, as the title implies, allows you to force or require more fields when a new user registers. This not only can help to stop spammers, but it can also increase your user management capabilities and services. All the new fields that you add will also be added to existing users profiles, but the users will have to fill them out of course, but any new users will be required to fill out these fields giving you more control over who registers for your WordPress site.

Another important option is that you can also add new fields but not require them for registration, so you can increase you user management capabilities. This is an exciting new feature for Webmasters that wish to increase contact options, communications, and information obtained from your user base.

Plugin Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Quickly and easily add new fields to user registration
  • Add your own custom fields
  • Add as many or as little of the new fields to the registration form
  • Reduce bots and spammers with additional fields on the registration form
  • Includes existing fields from user profile like First Name, Last Name & Nickname
  • Add as many new fields you want quickly and easily
  • Get better control over your user base
  • New fields are added to existing users profiles!
  • Increase your knowledge of, and interaction with your customers & users!
    • New in version 1.2.0

  • Add Customization and ability to add Logo to Registration & Login Pages!
  • Add Custom Background Image or Background Color to Login & Registration Pages!
  • Add Password fields to registration page so users can enter own password and login right away!
  • Password Strength meter included when password added to registration form

WordPress Plugin Installation instructions & configuration:

Method 1 (Download From This Site):

  • Download the WordPress plugin User Registration Aide from download location here:
  • Latest Stable Release( ):User Registration Aide Download
  • Unpack the *.zip file and extract the user-registration-aide.zip folder.
  • Drop the ‘user-registration-aide’ folder into your ‘wp-content/plugins/’ folder.
  • In WordPress administration panels, click on plug-in from the menu.
  • You should see your new ‘User Registration Aide’ WordPress plugin listed under inactive plug-in tab.
  • To turn the User Registration Aide WordPress plugin on, click activate.
  • Note: If some of you use the website hosting companies ftp service, you probably need to first upload the zipped file to your server in the wp-content/plugins/ folder before unzipping it, and that may create an issue where the file may wind up in the wp-content/plugins/user-registration-aide/user-registration-aide/user-registration-aide.php directory which will cause an error! It should be in the wp-content/plugins/user-registration-aide/user-registration-aide.php directory

Method 2 (WordPress Add New Plugin):

  • Go to ‘add new’ menu under ‘plugins’ tab in your WordPress Administration dashboard page.
  • Search for the ‘User Registration Aide’ plugin using search option.
  • Find the plugin and click ‘Install Now’ link.
  • Finally click activate plug-in link to activate the WordPress plugin.

Method 3 (Upload):

  • Download the plugin User Registration Aide from download location located at the WordPress Plugin Directory User Registration Aide. This option is now up and fully functional for you to choose for installation as well now as of 7/31/2012 10:45 AM EST.
  • Go to ‘add new’ menu under ‘plugins’ tab in your WordPress admin.
  • Select upload link (top link menu).
  • Download the available user-registration-aide.zip file and click install now
  • Finally click activate plug-in link to activate the plug-in.


Plugin configuration:

Admin link:

  • Administration -> User Registration Aide
    • User Registration Aide -> Registration Fields
    • User Registration Aide -> Edit New Fields
    • User Registration Aide -> Registration Form Options
    • User Registration Aide -> Registration Form Messages & CSS Options


User Registration Aide Force New User Registration Fields Administrator Form Details:

Add Additional Fields to User Registration Form Option:

This section includes a drop down box with all the existing fields in the WordPress profile, except bio, and all the additional new fields that you add, if any. None of them will show up on the registration form until you click the field you want to add to the registration form with your mouse. To select multiple choices, hold down the CTRL key while clicking on additional fields to add to the registration form. You can also ‘unselect them’ or select none if you choose at a later time so don’t worry if you selected too many, or ones you only think you’ll need. If you do choose ‘Select None’, make sure you hit the update button afterwards, or the changes won’t take effect! Once you are satisfied with your choices, at the bottom of the form is the Update Options button, just click that and the additional fields will be added to the registration form automatically, and force the new user extra field registration! This will greatly reduce spam bots as they will not recognize the new fields you have added to your registration form so it will reduce your spam comments and registrations!

For some of you who have new sites or are new to the WordPress family, you have to make sure that your option to allow new members to sign up is on as well to have the registration form available to new users. To allow new users to sign up for your site go to the Admin Dashboard, then Settings, then General, then about in the middle of the page is the Membership (Anyone can register) checkbox. To allow new users to even see the registration page, you must make sure you check the Anyone can Register box under Membership, then remember to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the save settings button, otherwise it won’t be saved when you leave the page!

Add New Fields Option:

Here you must enter data into two fields for the same field you want the user to add. The first is the Field Key Name:, which is the name that will reside in the database to hold the new user data. In this field you want to only enter text and underscores (_). For example, for Date of Birth you can enter dob, or for Middle Name enter middle_name. It is not that difficult, at least we hope not, but with this form the data will be easier to read for the database and not get confused or conflict with other names. You will also want to keep it short, less than 10 to 15 characters, so you will not have an issue entering it into the database!

The second field you will need to enter is the Field Name:, which is what the end user, or your users or people who are registering will see. In this field you can enter most anything you want, like Middle Name, Phone Number (key name would be phone_number), Address (key name address), Zip Code (key name zip_code), Personal Info (key name personal_info), Cell Phone (key name cell_phone), or whatever you choose to add. For the most part however, you will not want to add too much information here, keep it short, simple, and to the point!

Updated 1.1.0:

Now checks for duplicates and empty fields, something we missed in the previous versions, so there won’t be any conflicts anymore.

Delete New Fields Option:

(New In Version 1.1.0)

This new feature lets you delete fields you have added that you don’t want or need, and can help to clean up the database for those with lots of users or other junk. Just select the field you wish to delete and click the delete button to delete that specific field. This option does not have multiple selections on, so you won’t delete any fields by mistake.

Change New Field Order:

(New in Version 1.1.0)

In this exciting new feature you can change the order of your fields. The default order is by entry, or chronological. So the first new field you add would always be first, but sometimes you want to add a new field and put it at the top, so we have added this feature for you. It gives you all the new fields that currently exist and the current or, with drop down select boxes where you can change the order. Do try and make sure there are no duplicates, as this will throw an error, but it won’t allow you to change anything, but you will have to reload the page and do it again, so you can avoid this altogether to make sure all the fields are ordered properly.

New in Version 1.2.0

Add Password Fields

You can now select the existing password field to add to the registration form, and there is only the one password in the selection box, however when added it also includes the password confirm box and the password strength meter for those of you whom may be concerned about that. It will also send out the email confirming the new registration with the users password they entered and their login for their records. The user may login right away as soon as their registration is successfully completed. There is also the option now to change the default WordPress message stating your password will be mailed to you, you can now customize this too! We have added a default message stating that they can now log in right after their registration is complete, however this can be changed at any time to meet your own needs or tastes.

Agreement Message

For those of you whom have rules, policies or other terms and conditions for your website, we now have provided a means to accomplish this all at the registration page. You can select to display a message stating that they must agree to the terms and conditions of your website policy, and you can customize this, it also allows you to display a link to the policy page to read it in a new tab, and a custom title to add for the link. It also gives you the option to add a check-box which you can include in your special message by stating something like, by checking the box below I agree to the terms, ect. There is a generic default message there now, however you can always modify it whenever you choose to!

Add Your Own Logo

How many of us WordPressers are sick of looking at that ugly generic default login and registration page, raise your hands! I know I am, well we have added this option as well. We didn’t get to far into details here, like customizing the size or anything too far outside of the scope of this project, however we did allow you to upload and use your own logo for the registration and login pages. You will need to upload it into your media library, then copy the location of the file (http://mysite.com/wp-content/uploads/12/9/mylogo.png) and enter it into the new logo URL text box and check the show custom logo radio button, and make sure to check the change custom logo link to yes as well so that if the user hovers or clicks on the logo it will be associated with your site and link to your site instead of WordPress.org!

Here you can view a customized login page at WordPress User Registration Aide Custom Login

Here you can view a customized registration page at WordPress User Registration Aide Custom Registration Form

We also added the options to change the background for both the login and registration forms. You can change either the color or use an image. Again, we did not go into details, as that is not the main reason for this plugin, however if you maintain the default settings for the login/registration pages as far as the size goes, you should be able to make some nice changes by adjusting the images. You can also customize these more yourself to your liking, as it is in the code so you don;t have to hack the WordPress core. I would not suggest using both an image and a color, however it is up to you.

Login & registration PAGE background image and color have also been added, so you can get some contrast for your custom login and registration pages, and brand them to your theme or brand. Again, you should choose either one or the other, but not both, however it may work if you like to dabble and experiment. We give you radio boxes to select form or page background colors & or images, and for the images, you will need to add the image logo URL you choose to use, as we explained above in how to add your custom logo to the site. Use the standard html color code options, such as #000000 for black and #FFFFFF for white for examples, if you are unsure, the following link has a good chart that will help you, and don’t forget the # in front of your code! HTML Color Chart

Text/Link colors, since we gave you options to change the colors of the backgrounds we thought we needed to include this, as some of you may prefer darker colors, which could create a problem with reading the text, so if you need to, you can change the label font colors for both forms with the show custom text/links colors option, select yes for that and enter your own color, like #000000 for black, it also allows you to change the hover color for the links at the bottom of the page to the login page, forgot password page and the link back to the site home page.

New in Version Filtering for URA Custom Page Templates

Instruction Video for Using Filters to fix plugin template styles on plugin pages like Email Confirm and Lost Password

The location for the ura-template-model.php file that is used in this video for the filters is in the user-registration-aide/templates directory fyi.

    New in Version

  • New User Approve Feature
  • New User Email Verification Feature
  • Lost Password Reset From Security Question for added Security.
  • All user features are added to the all users table for easy access to approve, deny, resend emails and delete denied users.
  • For the new features to work like Email Verification make sure your permalink structure is set to Post Name, otherwise it will create a 404 Page not Found Error!

New in Version

a) Added Password Change Shortcode to have front end custom password change page. To use the shortcode use the shortcode on your page. There is a video of instructions below to use the shortcode as there are a couple more steps to follow.

b) Added password change to force new users and existing users to change password after they get a new password in email or they haven’t changed password in specified amount of time.

c) Can’t use old passwords for a specified amount of time.

d) Redirect to Change Password to SSL if available

e) Remove password fields form profile page for non-admins

f) Disable Lost Password Option from login page for non-admins

g) Video added for instructions for how to add shortcode for Password Change Page Below

New in Version

a) added option to change display names for users by select role or all roles and choice of fields

b) added custom css options for those that find the interface not to their liking

c) changed registration form Bio field so that it will now be a text area instead of a text box input

d) deleted some old code that was not needed any more and cluttering up files

e) make some new adjustments to account for Theme My Login Plugin

New in version 1.3.0

Added new interface

Added Top Tab Menu

Added new user fields to all user screen options menu.

Add math problem to registration form for increased anti-bot spammers.

Added option to change field names.

Added instruction video. (More to follow time permitting next week)

Added action so admins can add new fields to users when the admin is adding new users however this requires hacking the user.php core file more instructions are included in the comment section and I will add an instruction video on how to do that.

Fixed password checker and password meter.

Change Log

Last Stable Update: 05/01/2017 19:00 GMT

Creative Software Design Solutions User Registration Aide WordPress Plugin Download location:

View User Registration Aide Instructions Here

== Changelog ==

a) Fixed bug with css

b) Fixed other bugs

c) Added text size option to login & registration forms

d) added filters to compensate for plugin page templates css so they can use current theme styling

a) Fixed bug with wp_authenticate function

b) Fixed potential bug with custom templates

a) Fixed bug with wp_authenticate function

a) Fixed bug with custom template stylesheet naming errors

b) Fixed bug with Dashboard Widget Image Error

c) Fixed bug with new user approve/verify email login before approved or verified

d) Partial Danish Translation added thanks to Isommerdal

a) Fixed bug with lost password reset and new user approve

a) Fixed bug with Registration Form CSS Settings Page not updating properly

a) Fixed bug with admin creating new user email notification

b) Fixed potential bug with creating new custom template pages

c) Fixed several small potential bugs

a) Email verification bug fixed, email confirmation page not showing up on some themes

b) fixed a few minor bugs

a) added new user approve feature so admins can not give access to new users until they are approved

b) added new user email verification so new user cannot login and is not active until their email is verified

c) added lost password form security questions giving better security to sites

d) added user tables to main user table for new user approve, deny, verify email and password set

e) added page templates for lost password, update password, and email verification

f) fixed some bugs and cleaned up some code and languages

a) added plugin check for wp-symposium-pro on profile page nonce check

a) profile update for profile update page for Asgaros Forum

a) fixed custom css file bug

a) Fixed bug with debug log

a) Fixed bug

a) Fixed bug

a) Added different field data types

b) Added option fields to select/checkbox/radio/multiselect data types

c) Updated user Interface

d) Fixed some potential bugs

e) Added Hindi, Portuguese, Russian and French translations

f) Added debug log to help with troubleshooting

g) Updated screenshots for new user interface

h) Added Help Screens

a) fixed bugs with email notification

a) fixed bugs with wordpress messages

a) fixed bugs with wordpress messages

a) fixed bugs with New User Approve Plugin messages

a) fixed bugs with New User Approve Plugin updates

a) undid changes for New User Approve not work right on other installs needs more testing

a) fixed bugs with integration for New User Approve plugin

b) updated New User Approve user registration to include new WordPress new user registration process ( no password by email )

a) fixed languages bugs

b) added Spanish translations

c) added German translations

d) minor bug fixes 10/01/15 12:00 GMT

a) bug fix registration form 09/30/15 15:00 GMT

a) bug fix registration form 09/28/15

a) modified anti-bot-spammer protection for better success to keep bots away

b) updated bug with email notifications

c) added option to add optional fields for registration form

d) added option to use * ( Asterisk ) for required fields on Registration Form or take it off

e) updated languages files and added Spanish translation 08/19/15 4:30 PM EST

a) updated email notifications

a) bug

a) Fixed Password Field Issues

a) bug fix

a) Added nonce to Password Change Page

b) Removed url display at top if page (From testing) 09/16/14 5:30 PM EST

a) Changed a few labels on password change options section 09/16/14 3:30 PM EST

a) Added Password Change Shortcode to have front end custom password change page.

b) Added password change to force new users and existing users to change password after they get a new password in email or they haven’t changed password in specified amount of time.

c) Can’t use old passwords for a specified amount of time.

d) Redirect to Change Password to SSL if available 8/14/14

a) fixed math problem bug 8/14/14

a) fixed math problem bug 8/13/14

a) added option to change display names for users by select role or all roles and choice of fields

b) added custom css options for those that find the interface not to their liking

c) changed registration form Bio field so that it will now be a text area instead of a text box input

d) deleted some old code that was not needed any more and cluttering up files

e) make some new adjustments to account for Theme My Login Plugin

Version  is stable and tested on WordPress 3.9.1, the latest version as of 06/29/2014 6/29/2014

a) Fixed bug when saving anti-spam math problem settings 5/17/14

a) Fixed potential issue in dashboard widget

Version  is stable and tested on WordPress 3.9, the latest version as of 04/30/2014 4/30/14

a) Updated Custom Logo Code for Login-Registration pages

1.3.7 4/28/14

a) Minor bug fixes & code cleanup * compatibility with WordPress 3.9

1.3.6 1/22/14

a) Added options to modify WordPress dashboard widget fields.

b) Added options to modify math problems so you can choose which operators to use and made the random numbers smaller so it won’t be as difficult.

1.3.5 1/6/14

a) Created Default and custom password strength requirements so you can set your own easier if you choose to.

1.3.4 12/9/13

a) Updated Password sent by email bug

1.3.3 12/9/13

a) Updated Password sent by email

1.3.2 12/9/13

a) Updated Password Strength Meter

b) Renamed .mo file

c) Updated interface


1.3.1 12/5/13

a) added .pot and .mo english files to languages folder

1.3.0 Major Revision 12/4/13

a) updated interfaces

b) added anti-spammer math question to registration form

c) added dashboard widget

d) added option to add new fields to administrators add new user page but you have to hack the core code at this time to do that.

e) fixed a few bugs

f) updated comments and code


Seventeenth Revision minor

a) fixed another potential bug with database options update & with agreement checkbox


Sixteenth Revision minor

a) fixed another potential bug with database options update & with agreement checkbox


Fifteenth Revision minor

a) Fixed potential bug with new database update feature


Fourteenth Revision minor

a) Fixed bug with login/registration form for emailing password & password reset & upgraded some code


Thirteenth Revision minor

a) Fixed delete new field bug

b) Combined code for headers for quicker loads

c) Got rid of ‘unexpected characters’ when plugin is activated bug

d) Made admin pages easier to view

e) Added login-registration page link shadows options so you can either remove them or adjust them to your liking as the old version looked a little funky to me, so if it does to you to you can now either change the size and color or just dont show the shadow at all.

Version 1.2.3

a) Fixed some registration form error checking bugs

Version 1.2.1 & 1.2.2

a) Missed some error reporting code that was hidden, sorry.

1.2.0 Ninth Revision – Major Revision

a) Updated options and items and consolidated database usage

b) Added Website to existing fields

c) Added Password and Password Confirm to existing fields

d) Added FUNCTIONAL Password Strength Meter!

e) Users can login right after registering with new password!

f) Option to change message to user when registering if they can enter their own password instead of default a password will be mailed to you

g) Added option to change login/registration page logo and background image or color to your own logo, image, or color!

h) Change the label/nav colors of login/registration forms so they better work with your custom background images/colors

i) Added option to add message and check box and link to agreement/policy form if user must submit and agree to certain conditions when registering
for website. (User Requested)

j) Other code upgrades and modifications and button enhancements

1.1.4 8/18/2012 2:00 PM EST Release

Eighth Revision – Minor Revision

a) Fixed minor bug with non-admin users editing profile

1.1.3 8/16/2012 5:15 PM EST Release

Seventh Revision – Minor Revision

a) Removed error reporting

1.1.2 8/16/2012 5 PM EST Release

Sixth Revision – Minor Revision

a) Fixed tabbing index in registration page

b) Minor updates and fixed potential problem with profile updates


Fifth Revision
Minor Revision

a) Fixed some minor bugs that appeared after release of 1.1.0

1.1.0 Major Revision Final 8/14/2012 5PM EST

a) Added the option to delete additional new fields that you added and don’t want or need

b) Added the option to change the order of the new fields at any time which will be reflected on both the registration page and the profile page

c) Changed the looks somewhat by adding tables to make it more orderly

d) Fix some minor bugs and oversights on my part

e) Made the code more easy to read and added more comments

f) Added more security features like nonce and updated filtering new content being added and also checking user levels and making sure they have access to features

g) Changed menu location to it’s own menu instead of in the users menu, giving me the option to add more pages and located it right below the users menu tab

h) Upgraded the delete plugin function so it will delete all the options, so if you aren’t sure whether you’ll use it again or not, you may want to avoid deleting it until you are sure otherwise all user inputs into new fields will be lost as well as all your options, settings and new fields

i) Added internationalization, so now users from foreign countries should have translated versions available, at least if I did it right, I hope so, if not give us a holler!