Move Website – Transfer Host For Websites


Move Website - Transfer Host For Websites

Need to move website or need to transfer host for your website? We do website and hosting transfers and offer services for domain transfers as well.

Not everyone is a crack webmaster, and to move an existing site can be a tedious, frustrating task for even experienced professionals, not to mention time consuming, and you surely don’t want to have your site down for any extended period of time and potentially lose clients, customers, sales and trust.

This is where we can come to your rescue! We offer reasonable rates to move a website, or websites or transfer host for your site. Some companies charge large sums of money, however we offer reasonable rates based on the size of the website, the amount of websites, and the type of site it is, whether it be Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, or other CMS, shopping cart, or your own html site, we can offer you a reasonable rate for a seamless transfer to a new hosting company. We also include choosing the best hosting company that suits your budget, performance, and service needs.

Web Host Transfer Choosing the best Web Host

Web Host Transfer Choosing the best Web Host

Most of the general public are a little afraid to tackle such an endeavor, as many things can go wrong, and can result in lengthy down times and a loss of revenue and potential customer streams. Our experience and knowledge of this topic is vast and we can make the transfer as painless as possible for you with no downtime, albeit for minor disruptions while the DNS caches are renewed and your new address is broadcast around the globe. All of our transfers resulted in no loss of potential customers or existing ones, and went smooth and were executed flawlessly.

Worried about problems, no need to worry, we have encountered all sorts of problems and know how to deal with these issues and can overcome these obstacles with no sweat, and no major amount of time involved. Depending on the size and type of website, we can usually accomplish this feat in less than 24 hours, and we do recommend doing it starting on a Friday evening so by the time Monday morning rolls around, all the DNS servers will be up to date with your new host address and your customers/clients won’t even know any changes have been made!

Seamless Worry Free Web Hosting Transfers With No Downtime

Seamless Worry Free Web Hosting Transfers With No Downtime

We guarantee our work and will work with you to meet tight schedules and deadlines, and hosting requirements such as Domain transfers, namespace changes, DNS, database and file transfers, backups, users, and any other needs you may have. As we mentioned, our rates vary depending on the size of the job, but they are very reasonable compared to others who charge $200 dollars and up!

Why spend several days becoming frustrated and nervous when you can leave all the hassle to us to move your website or transfer host for your websites!